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Loetscher - die einzig echt Schweizerische Kuckucks-Uhr


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Swiss watches, Swiss army knives, Swiss chocolate, Swiss cheese - these are world-famous products, known for their high quality and accuracy. The popular cuckoo clock is mostly associated with Switzerland, even though its origins are in Germany's Black Forest. However, today's top-selling cuckoo clock is a Swiss invention: the Swiss chalet type. Due to the great appeal of the Swiss chalet cuckoo clock, the Black Forest cuckoo clocks, which traditionally feature leaves- and hunt-carvings, have also put their clocks in form of the Swiss chalet on the market.

Unsere Beratung

Although Swiss flags stand for authentic Swiss quality, there has been no hesitation in putting Swiss flags on Black Forest cuckoo clocks. Another Swiss invention is the cuckoo clock's featured music and moving objects, such as dancing figurines et cetera. Music-movements from the firm "Reuge" warrant such top-quality. Well-known songs like "Edelweiss" from the movie "Sound of Music" lets the mind wander from the daily routines …

“Wanduhren sind Zeitzeugen!”

— Andrea Ricklin, Inhaberin MAX AFFOLTER Uhren & Bijouterie